Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!I truly hope this letter finds you healthy, happy, and enjoying the tail end of a prosperous year! 2017 has been a very fast-paced year at A.C.T. Services filled with more new faces, new technology, and new opportunities! Moving onward and upward has become our company’s mantra.Our industry, like so many others, is changing rapidly with new technology and we can either choose to implement it or fall behind the pack losing our competitive edge and ability to serve you at our best. Serving you, our client, in the most accurate, compliant, and cyber-secure way is always top of mind. Protecting your confidential data and helping you navigate our complex tax system is our mission.We have so much news to share but, in our attempt to keep this letter short and sweet, we’ll just mention our company news and if you have questions, please call us and we’ll gladly chat with you further.This Year’s Highlights

  • Big changes are coming with tax laws and we will be posting some detailed analysis of how the changes will affect you, but we want to be sure we understand every facet of the signed law before posting snippets here. There are very few changes that will affect your 2017 return, but please call us if you have questions. If you are intending to make a 4th quarter state estimated payment, you should do so before December 31st, if possible. We will be reaching out to you if it appears there will be any other items to your immediate advantage. Come back often for updates!
  • We acquired/merged with Michael L. Lowery, CPA and he is now a part of our team! We are thrilled to have Mike on our team bringing so much experience and knowledge with him – 38 years’ worth! You can find his picture and biography on our website to learn more about Mike.
  • Speaking of our website, we have a new one – if you haven’t seen it in a while, check it out. (Plus, this is also where you gain access to your portal.)
  • We have invested BIG in your data security. We have fully implemented a comprehensive suite of professional software through Thomson Reuters, a leader in the accounting and tax software industry. They not only provide solutions to professionals around the world, but they do so with the most advanced technology available to stay a step ahead of the “bad guys”. Cloud-based solutions, multi-authenticating security for software access, and many other security features make your personal information safer than ever before here at A.C.T.
  • Video conferencing – don’t have time to come see us to review your finished taxes or meet with our accountants in person? Zoom is our newest technology addition and allows us to talk face-to-face online without the need to download any apps on your laptop or desktop computer. This program also works in audio-only mode, if you do not have a camera. It’s super easy, very efficient and techy cool all at the same time.

We are busy preparing for the coming tax filing season and look forward to working with you and assisting you with your tax and accounting needs. Until then, please contact us with questions or concerns. My team and I wish you the happiest of holidays and much joy, peace, and good health in the New Year!